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Benefits of Nanobrows over Microblading

Benefits Of Nanobrows Over Microblading

If you’ve never liked the way your eyebrows look, especially if they’re sparse or uneven, you might be drawn to the idea of augmenting your natural brows with permanent cosmetic tattoos that seem remarkably like the genuine thing.

If you want eyebrows that are bigger, deeper in colour or more precisely formed, microblading nanobrows are a good option. The semi-permanent method produces delicate, realistic-looking hair strokes that resist perspiration and water.

Even after making the decision to follow microblading nanobrows, you can still be undecided. Let’s examine some of the main arguments for choosing microblading nano brows.

Micro-bladed Nanobrows

A super-fine needle is used in the semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing method known as microblading.

With microblading, sparse, thin brows are filled in to create fuller-looking nanobrows. During the process, coloured ink and a very thin needle are used to produce tattoo strokes that resemble human hair. These strokes resemble natural strands.

This method can alter the form of your brows in addition to making them look thicker. The fine needle used during microblading allows for more detail and preciseness, resulting in more realistic-looking nanobrows.

Lesser discomfort and bruising also result from a relatively small needle. How long the microblading nanobrows effects last is another distinction. microblading can last anywhere from 18 to 30 months. Another clear distinction is that nano brows typically result in minimal damage to the underlying skin.

Microblading Create Realistic Results

Microblading offers realistic effects, it delivers a level of personalisation to complement the natural form and shape of the brows of each client’s face, skin tone and bone structure. Each “hair” for nanobrows is manually applied with a solitary needle to get the best possible result for your particular skin, appearance, and features. The tiny needle used for microblading also results in less pain and bleeding after the treatment.

Last for Years

One of the main advantages of microblading your eyebrows is that it produces amazing effects that last for a very long time. Depending on the individual, it might last anywhere from a few months to three years.

Prior to needing a second surgery, microblading may offer you gorgeous, full-looking nanobrows anywhere from 18 to 30 months. By selecting this alternative, you’ll save yourself time and money in the long run by scheduling fewer sessions for brow maintenance touch-ups.

Natural Looking & Waterproof

Estheticians frequently suggest microblading for healthy persons with fairly normal skin, which is neither oily nor dry, with normal-sized pores.

A natural eyebrow and the micro-bladed nanobrows are virtually indistinguishable from one another. The top Microblading cosmetic clinics in the business are skilled in utilising this method to their advantage and providing clients with the desired brow nanobrows appearance.

You won’t need to retouch your eyebrows since microblading won’t smudge or get splattered, allowing you to indulge in as much swimming, sauna, Jacuzzi, and exercise as you desire.

Short Sessions & No Downtime

Almost no downtime occurs. As soon as the process is over, your brows will be photo-ready. For excellent nanobrows, microblading only needs around 1.5 to 2 hours. No downtime means that you may display your excellent nanobrows on the same day.

Even better, you may go directly from the clinic to the office. The effects are immediate, even though there will be a few days of breaking and healing like with any tattoo or semi-permanent cosmetic procedure!


With microblading, you may easily alter the contour of your eyebrows and get semi-permanent nanobrows results. You must understand what to anticipate from this process.

Ask inquiries about the process and the anticipated outcomes before hiring a makeup artist, and make sure they have a solid reputation in the neighbourhood.

The professionals at brows by rose have the solutions when you decide to accentuate your brows and your entire appearance with microblading. To find out more about the microblading nanobrows method and services, get in touch.