Permanent Eyeliner

What Is Permanent Eyeliner?

Permanent eyeliner, a form of permanent makeup, is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the eyes by applying a long-lasting pigment along the lash line. This technique involves the use of a tattoo machine or microblading tool to deposit colour pigments into the upper or lower eyelids, creating the appearance of defined and perfectly lined eyes. 


The goal is to achieve a makeup look that remains intact throughout the day without the need for daily application. Permanent eyeliner, a popular choice for those seeking semi-permanent enhancements, can come in various styles and thickness levels, ranging from subtle and natural-looking results to more dramatic and bold lines, depending on the individual’s preferences. The procedure is often chosen by those who desire a hassle-free solution to maintaining well-defined eyes, whether to save time on their daily makeup routine or to address issues like smudging and fading associated with traditional eyeliner products.


It’s important to note that while the term “permanent” is commonly used in the context of permanent makeup, including permanent eyeliner, the results may fade over time due to factors such as sun exposure, skin ageing, and individual variations in the retention of pigments. Some people may opt for touch-up sessions to maintain the vibrancy and longevity of their permanent eyeliner, reinforcing the semi-permanent nature of this makeup solution. Overall, permanent eyeliner is a technique within the broader category of permanent makeup, offering a lasting and convenient way to achieve a consistently polished and enhanced eye appearance.


Is Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Safe?

The safety of permanent makeup eyeliner, like any cosmetic procedure, depends on various factors, including the skill and experience of the practitioner, the quality of the pigments used, and the individual’s skin type and health. When performed by a trained and certified professional in a sterile environment, permanent makeup eyeliner is generally considered safe. However, there are risks associated with the procedure, such as allergic reactions to the pigments, infections, and undesirable outcomes if the application is not done correctly. It’s crucial for individuals considering permanent eyeliner to thoroughly research and choose a qualified technician with a proven track record and adhere to proper aftercare instructions to minimise potential risks.


While permanent makeup eyeliner is designed to be long-lasting, it’s essential to understand that the term “permanent” can be somewhat misleading, as the results may fade over time. Factors such as sun exposure, skin ageing, and individual variations in pigment retention can contribute to the gradual diminishing of the eyeliner’s appearance. Therefore, individuals should be aware of the limitations and potential maintenance requirements associated with permanent makeup eyeliner, as well as consult with a qualified professional to assess their suitability for the procedure and address any concerns related to safety.

Does Permanent Eyeliner Need Before and After Care?

Yes, both before and aftercare are essential components of the permanent eyeliner procedure to ensure optimal results and minimize potential risks. Before getting permanent eyeliner, individuals should follow specific guidelines provided by the practitioner. This may include avoiding certain medications that can thin the blood, refraining from caffeine and alcohol consumption, and discontinuing the use of retinol or other topical products around the eye area. These measures help create an optimal canvas for the procedure and reduce the likelihood of complications.


Aftercare is equally crucial for the healing process and the longevity of the permanent eyeliner. Post-procedure instructions typically involve keeping the treated area clean, avoiding exposure to water, sun, and harsh chemicals, and refraining from picking or rubbing the eyes. Applying prescribed ointments or creams may also be part of the aftercare routine. It’s essential for individuals to strictly adhere to these guidelines to promote proper healing, prevent infections, and enhance the retention of the pigment. Following both pre and post-procedure care instructions is key to achieving the desired results and maintaining the safety and integrity of the permanent eyeliner.

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Where Can I Get Permanent Eyeliner In Perth?

If you’re looking to get permanent eyeliner in Perth, Rose Clinic is your destination for this cosmetic procedure. Located in Perth, Rose Clinic offers professional and expert services in a hygienic environment. Rose, our experienced technician, brings many years of expertise in the field, ensuring precision and artistry in every application.


Numerous satisfied customers have provided positive feedback, attesting to the high-quality results and exceptional service at Rose Clinic. Whether you prefer a subtle enhancement or a bolder look, Rose’s skillful hands can tailor the permanent eyeliner to suit your individual preferences. Choose Rose Clinic for a safe, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing experience in the heart of Perth. For more information please contact us.

Permanent Eyeliner


For permanent makeup enthusiasts, permanent eyeliner is a great option to consider if they’re looking for maximum impact with minimal effort.

For those of you looking for an effortless and natural-looking eyeliner, Permanent Eyeliner is the perfect choice! With Permanent Eyeliner, you’ll be able to flaunt that signature eye-enhancing look without having to worry about applying it every day.

Get ready to experience beautiful results all day long with no dramatic changes over time.

This technique involves using pigment that is placed between the lashes and applied in thicker, darker lines on the eyelids, providing an almost invisible effect while still accentuating the base of the lashes and giving the appearance of fuller, darker lashes. 

Some prefer dramatic looks and other prefer subtle bases for easy eyeliner application. This gives you the perfect base line for applying your eyeliner and completes a more polished overall look that lasts longer than traditional makeup.

Don’t miss out on this innovative approach to makeup application – choose Permanent Eyeliner today! With our straightforward process and quality go-to product, you’ll be able to look your best while feeling confident in knowing your makeup will stay in place all day long.

Many clients opt for permanent eyeliner when they wear eyeliner every day, as it gives them perfectly-applied eyeliner without having to do anything. 

With permanent eyeliner, you can forget about smudged eyeliner and enjoy having lusciously dark and thick looking lashes all day long, ready-to-go!

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If you’re considering getting permanent eyeliner, it’s important to know what to expect afterwards. First off, don’t be alarmed if your eyes are swollen and sore – it’s a natural reaction to the procedure. 

However, it does mean that you might wake up looking like you’ve had a good cry (even if you haven’t!). For the first few days, you’ll notice that the colour is a lot darker than it will eventually appear once it’s healed.  As time goes on, the swelling will decrease, but it won’t disappear entirely. It’s also worth noting that your permanent eyeliner will look heavier than usual – so prepare for people to ask if you’re trying out a new bold look! But the end result will make it all worth it, with perfectly applied eyeliner that lasts for years.

Getting a permanent eyeliner treatment is a game-changer for anyone who loves makeup but hates the daily routine. But, after you’ve gone through with the procedure, the most crucial part comes next: healing. Good news! The healing process is minimal and gentle, taking only about 3-6 weeks to cauterize completely. Of course, every person’s skin is unique, so your healing process may require more or less time.

Ultimately, the best way to ensure uncomplicated healing is to follow the clinic’s recommendations. Remember, the end result is long-lasting perfect eyeliner without the need to struggle with wobbly lines every morning.

You’ve finally taken the plunge and got the permanent eyeliner you’ve been dreaming of! But now what? Taking care of your new liner is crucial to ensure its longevity and your safety. 

First things first, resist the urge to touch or rub your eyes! Your new permanent eyliner makeup look needs time to settle and heal, so keep your fingers away from your eyes as much as possible. 

To keep the area moisturised, apply a light coat of ointment recommended by your clinic twice a day using a fresh Q-Tip. 

And if you experience swelling, don’t fret! Just grab an ice pack (with a thin barrier like a paper towel) to bring down the inflammation. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be sporting your new liner for years to come!